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Contact Person: Callum S Ansell
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Contact Person: Matilda O Dunn
P: 070 8652 7276


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Contact Person: Thorsten S Kohl
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Mindful Capital Group has Projects All Over Florida

  The Mindful Capital Group is a private real estate firm that specializes in industrial real estate. They are experts in the acquisition, management and repositioning of this type of real estate in this complicated and aggressive market. The team…

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What is Industrial Real Estate?

    Industrial real estate is the category of real estate that the Mindful Capital Group specializes in. Through the use of our experience and expertise in the private real estate industry, we have acquired, repositioned and managed properties all…

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Mindful Projects: VV&M

  The Mindful Capital Group prides ourselves on our team’s ability to focus on identifying the most profitable properties for our clients. We do this by bringing the big picture to the table. By holding ourselves to the highest standard,…

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Why are Short-Term Rentals Very Undesirable?

    Short term rentals have seen a significant decrease in the desire for real estate professionals. There are thousands of people who seek to own their personal vacation home. However, they don’t want a house sitting and being unused…

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Class A Properties in Detail

Property classifications are given to all different types of commercial real estate properties based off different variables. Investors, lenders, and brokers use these classifications to determine the best options for their clients in the market. All different markets have different…

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What are the Different Property Classes?

  Property classifications are a common topic when it comes to investors, lenders and brokers. These professionals take it upon themselves to rank properties based off of various reasons and communicate to each other the worth of the property without…

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