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Let Mindful Oversee Your Investment Management & Asset Management

Founded in 2003, Mindful Capital Group is a private real estate firm that specializes in the acquisition, repositioning, and management of industrial real estate assets. Our team focuses on many real estate management services. In this blog, we will take on two of the services that we are strongest in.  Asset management and investment management.

Investment Management

Investment management requires a hands-on approach plus a deep understanding of the basic trends that drive markets. Mindful Capital Group relies on time-tested principles to manage portfolios, acquire properties, structure debt investments, and plan the performance of each asset.

The knowledge shared across our national platform enables us to identify markets with strong potential as well as investments with solid fundamentals. Our approach leverages the skills of property specialists who understand their competition and their tenants.


Asset Management


Asset management is meant to cultivate market value so that the owner can increase their returns. This is true for real estate or any other asset for that matter. An asset manager like those at Mindful, handles duties on behalf of an investor, making important investment decisions that help the client’s portfolio grow.

An asset manager ensures that the client’s investment doesn’t depreciate (lose money) and that there is minimum exposure to risk. This is what Mindful Capital does so well. To do this well, it means watching markets closely, keeping up to date with trends, doing proper research, and staying current with political, financial, and economic news.

Asset managers can also be involved with real estate. Professionals in real estate operate with the same principles that an asset manager does in the financial market. They focus on maximizing a property’s value for investment purposes. This is not meant to be confused with real estate property managers, who handle the day-to-day activities related to a property’s operations and physical structure.

Mindful’s principals and management group brings expertise and experience at analyzing investment opportunities, optimizing asset financing, and strategically managing its portfolio to enhance and maintain values to the highest standards. Contact Mindful Capital Group now to see how we can get you started on the road to financial well-being.

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