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Property Management

Property Management Vs. Development Management

The private real estate firm, Mindful Capital Group, founded in 2003, specializes in the acquisition, repositioning, and management of industrial real estate assets. MCG focuses on four types of management services. In this article, we will take on two of…

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Real Estate Asset vs. Property Management

Mindful Capital Group believes that there is a clear difference between real estate asset management and property management. This article will highlight the differences so you are familiar with both. Hiring a real estate asset manager is a natural step…

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Property Management: 101

The act of hiring a property management company can take your entrepreneurial decision to the next level. A property manager is paid to manage all things that fall under the “rental” umbrella. Property management is defined as the operation, control,…

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If You Are You Seeking Property Management…

The hiring of a property management company is an important decision that has the ability to take your property to the next level. A good property management company handles all aspects in all things rental. Property management is commonly defined…

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What are the Different Property Classes?

  Property classifications are a common topic when it comes to investors, lenders and brokers. These professionals take it upon themselves to rank properties based off of various reasons and communicate to each other the worth of the property without…

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What is Property Management?

    Hiring a property management company can be the point in your entrepreneurial venture that takes off to a whole new level. A property manager is there to aid in all things rental. The direct definition of Property management…

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