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Five Reasons to Consider a Flex Space

If you have been thinking about it, considering a flex space as an option for your business will come with various benefits. Most of these arise from its flexibility as compared to traditional office spaces. Some reasons according to Mindful Capital Group that should have you thinking about flex spaces are:

1 – Almost No Initial Cost

The initial costs of setting up a new corporate space can be quite high. Funding furniture, design, and amenities in addition to monthly maintenance costs, can take a toll on a business. With flex spaces, your firm does not have to worry about initial costs, as there are little to none. You only have to worry about rent.

2 – Scalability

Embracing flex spaces as a real estate option offers your business the ability to grow or contract its operation. If your company expands and requires a few more feet of office space, it is a phone call away. On the other hand, if you wind down operations in one area and require a smaller space, your flex space has you sorted.

3 – Improved Networking

Flex spaces where various companies or workers co-exist create environments that encourage the sharing of ideas. Like-minded entrepreneurs can meet and brainstorm new ideas as other employees make friends and socialize.

4 – Sense Of Community

Flex spaces create a sense of community and teamwork. One obvious downside of remote working is that it detaches workers from their teams and firms. Flex spaces, however, create a sense of belonging and motivation between working employees.

5 – Contract Flexibility & Space Flexibility

The shorter nature of flex space contracts gives businesses wiggle room whenever things don’t go their way. A ten-year contract can mean that you are stuck with that real estate agent for a long time. A three-year contract or a twelve-month contract is, however, less binding. Whenever you feel like the location is not working for your business, you can always opt-out.

The ability of flex spaces to shapeshift into different spaces is a crucial benefit to many businesses. The fact that flex spaces can serve other purposes with minimal adjustments makes them highly sought out by several firms.

If you’re interested in flex spaces or more information then please visit Mindful Capital Group. We have been giving answers to the real estate clients of the South Florida area for years now. For more information, contact us, and we will be more than willing to help.

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