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What Exactly is a Flex Space?

As we have discussed in previous posts, you know that Mindful Capital Group is a South Florida leader in offering workspaces and flex spaces. Here, we go into detail about exactly what a “flex space” is. Flex spaces serve many purposes and can be quite valuable in real estate.

Companies now must be agile to compete in dynamic environments. The market demands flexibility in everything from product lines and services to even the office space that serves as a company’s home. For those that require flexibility from their office space, the commercial real estate market has kept pace with the evolving demand to offer solutions to changing needs. Flex space solutions can be a significant advantage to businesses that need to get maximum usefulness from a single space.


What is a Flex Space?

A “flex space” offers businesses significant build-out opportunities to tailor their workspace to their needs. Obviously, there are advantages and disadvantages flex spaces brings to a company. No two businesses are identical so it’s important to evaluate specific needs to decide what type of office space suits the companies goals and expectations.

It’s just not feasible for most companies to lease out different types of office space that specialize in one or two functions. This is one of flex space’s main benefits. It gives companies more efficiency by providing a single space that is useful for a variety of purposes.

Flexibility is also beneficial for growing companies since flex spaces are designed to be adjustable and keep conversion costs low to extend the usefulness of the space. Besides cost efficiency and the ability to change as a company grows, flex space also offers other distinct advantages to companies.

The Mindful Capital Group has a reputation for being a step above the rest. However, what makes us so special, is that our team firmly believes in the fact that whatever is best for our clients, is best for us. With well over a combined amount of 50 years of experience, our team has a vast amount of experience in the real estate market. Having experience and being able to notice trends that may end up being profitable is key in having a successful portfolio. The Mindful Capital Group is proud to offer our investors the knowledge and experience of years of success in the real estate market.

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