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How Has COVID-19 Effected Evictions and Renters?


With the outbreak of this pandemic, there came a domino effect to many of the renters in the United States. Many relief bills have been released in order to help the general public through this difficult time. Since so many people have lost their jobs, it is difficult for many of them to have any chance of making payments on time. Because of this, there have been bills outlawing evictions all over the country. In order to minimize the chance of homeless people rising during this pandemic, this was necessary. However, this has brought up many confusing and possibly financially dangerous questions.


Evictions Are Outlawed?


First of all, evictions are not outlawed throughout the entire country. However, many have indeed made it so an eviction is incapable of being processed as of right now. So, what does this mean for residents that are struggling? First of all, you must still maintain proper relations and contact with your landlord or renter. In order for there to be proper communication and for each side to be knowledgeable during this trying time, this is a must. Secondly, you cannot just avoid rent or mortgage payments. Avoiding these payments completely in areas where you are not allowed to be evicted is a very dangerous course of action. Although you are not allowed to be evicted, you are putting yourself in very bad favor with your renter or lender.


Best Course of Action During the Pandemic


If you are more than capable of making payments on any of your bills, especially rent and mortgage, during this trying time, then do so. However, if the COVID-19 pandemic caused you to lose your job, then you must maintain proper contact with said lender. Make sure that you be completely open with your situation and most of these people will be understanding. Unless you’ve given them reason to doubt it the past!

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