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Warehouse Investing 101

Investing in warehouses can be, and is typically a very profitable venture in real estate. There seems to always be a necessity for warehouse space. However, how exactly does one spot the things that make one warehouse property more valuable than the other? Mindful Capital Group gives some insider tips that professionals use when deciding where to invest their money in the warehouse business.


Things to Watch For 

All professionals agree that regardless of the industry, warehouses have traits that make properties more valuable than others. When these traits are taken into account, it means that it will require less time and money to either replace, create, or input these devices. Here are a few of the different things warehouse tenants are looking for:

  • High Ceilings – This is a no-brainer. Most warehouses are used for large amounts of storage, heavy equipment and machinery. All of which require high ceilings for the use of transportation technology to easily maneuver the facility.
  • Parking Space – Warehouse facilities are usually home to a lot of employees. Having large amounts of parking spaces allows for not only a large staff, but the ease of access for them and any trucks you have moving throughout the facility.
  • Sprinkler Systems – Regardless of the reason for the warehouse, fire prevention is important. A warehouse without a sprinkler system is begging for potential loss of inventory and could end up being a mandatory requirement for certain types of storage facilities.
  • Solar Energy Potential – As energy conservation begins to be more and more valuable, industrial warehouse tenants are going to be looking for ways to save money. Solar energy has become one of the largest forms of renewable energy in the world and its continuing to become bigger over time.
  • Amount & Size of Doors – Many transportation facilities have trucks entering and leaving the warehouse constantly. In order for this process to run as quickly and as smoothly as possible, the amount and size of doors will be considered.

Why Mindful Capital Group is Better Than the Rest


The Mindful Capital Group is known for being a step above the competition. But what makes Mindful Capital Group so special, is that the team firmly believes in the fact that what is best for the clients, is best for MCG. With a combined total of over 50+ years of experience, our team has a vast amount of time put in the real estate market. Having experience and being able to notice trends that may end up being profitable is key in having a successful portfolio. The Mindful Capital Group is proud to offer our investors the knowledge and experience of years of success in the real estate market.

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